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At Ace Experts Concrete Bendigo, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with services from various types of concrete work, so if you want assistance finding one that suits your need then we are absolutely certain that it will be here!


Perhaps you are wanting a new concrete driveway. Maybe you are thinking of building a new outdoor entertainment area, and need a concrete patio built. Or it could be that you are planning your forever house, and one of the things that makes sure a house lasts ‘forever’ is a proper, strong and durable concrete foundation – a good ol’ concrete slab.


And perhaps you own a commercial business, or are the property manager of a apartment or townhouse complex, and need to avail yourselves of our commercial concreting services.


There could be any number of reasons why you would need a concreter, more than we’ve listed here, but regardless of your reasons, we are confident that you want only to hire the best concreter available. Thank you for coming to us. We have no doubts that our professionalism will come through in everything we do, and you will come to see that you made the right choice to hire us.

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Concrete Bendigo

When you look at a concrete ribbon of grey, it can look uninteresting and boring. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Concrete can be used as a tool to create highly imaginative designs. Your concrete patio doesn’t have to be just a rectangle of grey concrete; it can be imaginative, and with our decorative services like stamped and stencilled concrete, as well as exposed aggregate concrete, it can look amazing.

As can your concrete paths and concrete driveways. What would normally be dull, unimaginative, grey ribbons of blandness can, with some imagination and inventive design, become something that will draw the attention of your neighbours and visitors.

Concrete is only boring until experts in concrete get their hands and minds involved in the process. After that, concrete can be used to sculpt something from your dreams.

About US

With just over 100,000 people, Bendigo is a city on the grow, and at Expert Concrete Bendigo, we want to grow with the city. We are dedicated in providing the city of Bendigo, and its surrounding towns like Elmore, Axedale, Heathcote, Raywood, Marong, Strathfieldsaye and more with top level, expert concreting services.

Concrete is used to build cities; it moulds them into the places where we spend our time – with family, and at work. We consider our responsibility in helping our city grow with respect and humility. Concrete lasts a long, long time. It is designed to be durable and strong for decades, so we know that our works will be on display for generations to come.

That is a great responsibility, as we know that each job we take is not just a paycheck – it is a piece of the puzzle of helping a growing city grow.

We want to enrich the lives of the people we provide concreting services to. Our concrete driveways and footpaths and foundations will allow for great homes and commercial buildings to thrive for years to come.

Now, perhaps you have a few questions. That’s understandable. Because concrete lasts for such a long time, it is an important decision for you to take your time and consider the appropriate considerations. But we are here for you, too. If you have questions, please call us and allow us to help you through the process.

And if you are ready to take that first step towards a new concrete foundation, or a concrete patio, or you want to begin that concrete driveway with exposed concrete aggregate, then please call us. Or, if you’d prefer, enter your details into the contact form provided and we will call you. Our friendly staff is looking forward to starting on this journey with you, and we are excited to see where that journey will go.

Concrete in Bendigo

Our Concrete Bendigo Services

concrete patio Bendigo

With a concrete driveway, you could simply want a ribbon of grey concrete that goes from the road to your home, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We can create such a driveway with ease, and it will serve you well for years to come.

But you can also be imaginative with your driveway. It can be sleek, graceful, blending perfectly into the natural ebbs and flows of your land.

And it can also look great by combining with our decorative concrete services like concrete stamping, stencilling and exposed aggregate concrete. Your home’s curb appeal is a big factor in the value of your property, and having a great look driveway is a massive way of increasing that curb appeal.

But why a ‘concrete’ driveway to start with? Why not a different type of driveway surface?

Well, concrete has a history of being the thing that builders use when they want strength and durability. Even ancient builders knew of this fact. Concrete can last for three or four decades, and so it is very durable, and during that time, you’ll find that you will not require to perform much in the way of maintenance. Keeping it clean of dirt as much as possible, and patching up any small cracks that might appear should be enough.

Concrete is also great at not storing heat as much as other surfaces. Bendigo’s summer temperatures can run the gamut from being nice and comfortable to sizzingly feet scorching, and it’s during those really hot days you’ll be glad that concrete has terrific thermal insulation.

Concrete is also very strung and durable; so if your driveway is expected to cater for heavy machinery, concrete can handle anything anyone throws at it.

concrete path Bendigo

Once again, a thin ribbon of concrete is perfectly satisfactory for a walkway and footpath. Paths are meant to take you from point A to point B, and a simple concrete path does that with aplomb.

But again, you can be creative with your footpaths and walkways. Sometimes a footpath that doesn’t go from ‘Point A to Point B’ might be more visually interesting. Do you have landscaping renovations that the path can incorporate to make for a more interesting pathway?  Might you consider decorative concrete like concrete stamping, stencilling and exposed aggregate concrete? Maybe even a colour change?

A well designed, and aesthetically pleasing concrete walkway or footpath can improve your property value by increasing your property’s curb appeal. Plus, it also makes the journey to your front door all that more interesting for visitors. 

And if you are a commercial business, your footpaths and walkways can help shine your business in a better light as well. People’s impressions of a business begin even before they enter the premises, and a difficult, ugly entranceway can put potential clients in the wrong frame of mind, particularly in the pathway is cracked, broken and generally a tripping hazard.

For every footpath and walkway, preparation is highly important. Our job is not just simply pouring out the concrete, smoothing it out and waiting for it to dry. Doing that is a recipe for shoddy workmanship that will require constant repairs, and possibly having to start over again.

When considering your job, we will consider the flow of your land. We will consider how water flows over your land. Without the right preparation, concrete paths can cause water drainage issues but damming up the natural flow of the water. This can absolutely ruin any concrete job.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and you can be confident that we will take into consideration each job’s unique circumstances. We look forward to working with you, because it’s each job’s unique circumstances that makes our jobs interesting. Perhaps your budget only allows for a simple Point A to Point B pathway, but if not, consider being inventive with your ideas. We love that we have these small chances of making our city look even greater.

Please call us, or leave your contact information in the contact form provided.

concrete foundation Bendigo

Your home needs a strong foundation in order to stand the test of times, and the strongest foundation are those made from concrete. This is because concrete has been known for a very long time as a tough, durable and overall strong material upon which to build your homes and businesses.

Concrete slabs are very important foundations for homes, offices, shops and all types of businesses, but it is also used to sure up smaller structures such as garages and sheds, barns, pool pumps and air conditioning units. In fact, any structure that needs a strong, tough base that can last for years will benefit from an expertly poured concrete slab.

Keep in mind what is at stake here. It is your homes and businesses that need these strong durable concrete foundations. Ultimately, it is about the people that are most important to you; your family, or the people who work with you, or your clients. Shoddily laid concrete foundations mean that your home and office are not as safe as they can be. Which is why you need to come to us.

Call us today if you have any questions, or if you wish to schedule a concrete foundation job. Or, if you prefer, you can enter your details in the contact form provided and our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

concrete patio Bendigo

Let us paint you a picture. It was a hot summer day, but as the day’s coming to an end, it is beginning to cool down. There is a cooling breeze coming in, and your family and friends are over, the kids playing in your back yard while the adults sit around and talk and laugh.

It’s a beautiful picture, isn’t it?

Think about the uses you could put a patio towards, the gatherings you could have, the fun and laughter. You can bring out the BBQ, set up a game of pool, connect the TV to watch the latest footy or cricket games. There are so many reasons that you might consider a patio.

But what should you create the patio flooring from? Concrete is low maintenance, and with a bit of imagination, using decorative concrete like concrete stamping, stencilling or exposed aggregate concrete, it can look amazing too. A beautiful concrete patio can increase the visual aesthetics of your property, thereby increasing your property value.

But be sure you only choose the best concreting service for your patio. A shoddy concrete pour, without any pre-planning, can cause many issues that may lead to problems with cracked and broken concrete, as well as disrupting the drainage of water leaving your property. At Ace Experts Concrete Bendigo, we will provide you with an expertly poured concrete patio that will be the envy of your neighbours and friends for years to come.

So if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, if you want to begin on the concrete patio journey, call us today. Or, if you’d prefer, you can put your details in the contact form provided, and our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

concrete repair Bendigo

It is well known just how durable and resilient concrete is. When poured and laid correctly with a suitable level of preparation beforehand, concrete requires little maintenance. But clearly, some maintenance is still required. Concrete driveways, in particular, are susceptible to cracking, particularly with oil stains, and concrete pathways, patios and other concrete surfaces that have a lot of foot traffic as well as being exposed to the elements, might also experience a wearing of the surface.

And if the underlying earth has settled since the concrete was poured, then the concrete might experience some cracking as well.

And of course, if the concrete was initially poured incorrectly, or without due prior planning, it will likely require major maintenance in the future.

Some of the smaller cracks can be fixed by yourself, but get on to them quickly. Small cracks become big with procrastination and time, and big cracks grow and grow even more, turning into dangerous, uneven surfaces.

If you are unable to fix the cracks yourself, or if the repair is more drastic than simple crack filling, please call our concrete repair team today. If you prefer, you can also enter your contact details in the form provided above.

concrete stamping Bendigo

There is nothing wrong with wanting a simple concrete path or driveway – a simple grey ribbon of concrete connecting from point A to point B. You will get all the known benefits of concrete – it’s strength, durability, and low maintenance. This would be perfectly fine if you are on a budget.

But there is also absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something a little more imaginative, something that looks great as well as being strong, durable and requiring on little maintenance.

And that is where concrete stamping and stencilling can really come into their own. Stamped concrete allows you to give your concrete fixtures a choice of many different textures that you would never expect. Perhaps you don’t yet realise that you can make your concrete look like tiles, brick, stone … even wood. With a bit of imagination, you can even create a cobblestone look. You can even introduce textures like bark, and even water droplets.

It is quite surprise just how inventive you can get with something as seemingly boring as concrete.

A second option is concrete stencilling. These stencils allow you to create very intricate patters, beautiful to the eye – yours, and your envious neighbours. You can include these patters and shapes on all types of concrete – patios, driveways, footpaths (ok, you probably don’t need them on your concrete foundations …)

These imaginative and decorative concrete options can really help improve your properties aesthetic appeal, and that means an increase to the market value of your property.

If this interests you, please give us a call today. We’ll be happy to talk with you and help get those creative juices flowing.

exposed aggregate concrete Bendigo

The first question to be asked and answered about exposed aggregate concrete is obviously … what exactly is exposed aggregate concrete?

If you take off the top layer of smooth down, perfectly level grey concrete, you will see that concrete consists of pebbles and sand and stones of various colours, shapes and sizes. They all get mixed up together within the concrete mixture, and then hidden when the upper layer is carefully smoothed down.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete removes that top layer, so that you get to see what is beneath. All those stones and pebbles and sand are displayed at the surface, so that you get a chaotic randomness that is very beautiful.

The randomness of the aggregate means that the look of your concrete surface will be unique. There is no way to replicate the look of your concrete surfaces anywhere else.

Beyond merely the aesthetic benefits the beautiful randomness to the surface has on your property, exposed aggregate concrete provides practical benefits particularly in the area of grip. Because it isn’t smooth, the surface provides greater grip in areas that get wet and a lot of foot traffic.

It is not difficult to see why Exposed Aggregate Concrete is so popular these days. If you have more questions regarding this, please call us. If you wish to proceed with scheduling a job, also call us, or leave your details in the concrete form provided. Our friendly concreting experts are looking forward to working with you to produce a beautiful concrete surface for whatever needs you require.

concrete path Bendigo

At Ace Experts Concrete Bendigo, we have a number of diverse concreting services that are available to both residential home owners and commercial and corporate property owners and managers. What this means is, that regardless of the size of the job you have in mind, whether it is a concrete slab for an air-conditioning unit, or providing concreting services for a townhouse complex, we will be able to handle your job.

If you are planning a new commercial shopping or office development, we are the concreting experts that can pour the most professional foundations, footpaths, driveways, parking lots or wheelchair ramps possible. If you are building a new store, or beginning work on a apartment complex or townhouse complex, you can trust us to be punctual, friendly and professional, and provide top notch concreting services.

As was the case for residential home owners, so is the case for commercial and corporate business owners: while there is nothing wrong with having grey ribbons of concrete, why not do something inventive. Make a statement. Concrete can be exciting, interesting to look at, and be inviting. There are so many different and intriguing possibilities with Concrete Stamping and Stencilling, as well as Exposed Aggregate Concrete, that you would be surprised what can be achieved with a bit of imagination.

If you have any questions, please call us. Similarly, if you want a free quote, give us a call today, or leave your details in the contact form provided. We are looking forward to working with you for all of your concreting needs.

We hope we have opened your mind to the interesting and imaginative possibilities a simple thing like concrete can bring. Your driveways, footpaths, walkways and patios can look amazing with a bit of imagination and some professional concrete work.

And if you are building your forever home, or following your dreams and starting a new business, you can’t go wrong with calling us to lay your concrete foundation.

Whatever the case is, concrete lasts for a long time. With it, cities are built, and we look eagerly forward to seeing how we can help our city grow.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us or leave your details in the contact form. Similarly, if you want a free quote, contact us, either by phone or by contact form.

We have expert concrete contractors eager to work with you and to see how we can help build your futures through concrete.